By Halima Aden

Halima Aden is a Somali-American model, UNICEF ambassador, and Allure cover star. She first made headlines after competing in Miss USA wearing a hijab, and she was the first contestant to ever wear a burkini as swimwear. Since then she’s continued to be a force of positive change, using her platform to break barriers in the fashion industry and beyond.

“Having worked in a hospital, even several months into my modeling career, it was important for me to support this project. As many hijab-wearing women are working at health care facilities, I wanted to make sure they have a comfortable option for wearing a mask while keeping their hair covered. It can also get hot running around at the pace health care employees are right now, so a breathable fabric was a must. And I really wanted the pieces to give a feeling of tranquility and calm, so I went with soft shades that bring a feeling of peace. Like everyone, my livelihood has been turned upside down. I just keep reminding myself [of] something that my mom always says: ‘Hard times don’t last, but strong people do.’”